If you are interested in participating on a Board, Commission, or becoming a Committee member, please read the Board Member Desired Qualifications, complete the Board Member Application and return it to City Hall. You can find a complete list of Boards, Commissions & Committees here, in the Sub Menu, or to the left of this page. 

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The Airport Commission consists of six members as established by the Airport Commission By-laws. Three members are City appointees.  Two are City Council members appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council and the third member is a city resident who is appointed by the Commission itself. (Two other board members are county commissioners and the sixth is again chosen by the board.) This board governs the operations of the Gladwin Zettel Memorial Airport, jointly operated by the City and County of Gladwin. (Reference Airport By-laws). 3 yr. term

Airport Commission Minutes

John Caffrey, Chairperson
Mike Hargrave, Airport Manager
Michael Smith
Tom McKenna
Sharon Smith
Roger Gardner
Ron Taylor

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The Downtown Development Authority Board consists of eleven board members and is governed by Michigan State Statute, specifically Public Act 197 of 1975. This board’s function is to administer development and improvements within the Downtown Development Authority District, using funds captured via Tax Increment Financing pursuant to the adopted Development Plan. Board members are appointed by the Mayor. (See Gladwin City Code of Ordinances Chapter 150.) 4 yr. term

George Alward
Kyle Grove
Cristy Guiterrez
Scott Hawblitzel
Jim Jacobs
Dee Jungman
Tom Mienk
Joe Myers
Priscilla Szerdi
Karyn Tomczyk
Jeff Zettel, Chairperson

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The Gladwin Rural-Urban Fire District Board governs the operations of a multi-governmental unit consortium which provides fire protection within that district. Fire board by-laws specify two members of the Gladwin City Council serve on the board. They are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. (Reference Fire Board By-laws.)

Member Jurisdiction Represented
 James McDonald Buckeye
 Pauline Brabon Buckeye
 John Mella Gladwin
 Pam Weaver, Chairperson  Gladwin
 Carol Darlington Gladwin City
 Roger Gardner Gladwin City
 Julie Beck Grout
 Richard Christie Grout
 Wanda Raymer Hay
 Ray Peck Hay
 Dennis Vannest Sage
 Renee Zelt Sage
 John Jurgensen Sherman
 Ron Grabowski Sherman

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The Parks Commission is an advisory board to the Gladwin City Council and is tasked with providing recreational opportunities for the Gladwin area as well as creating and maintaining a Park and Recreation Plan. It is comprised of five board members including one City Council member. Board members are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. (See Gladwin City Code of Ordinances Chapter 36.) 2 yr. term

Name Address Home Phone
Nancy Bodnar 405 Spring St 426-3463
Pastor Brad Withrow    
Allen Donaldson     
Don Kehoe, Chairperson PO Box 68 426-8217
Kortni Brewer    
Kelly Gower     
Chris Stronach    

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The Planning Commission consists of nine members who are tasked with governing future land use/zoning and create the city’s Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance. This board also reviews site plans, special uses, and subdivision developments. They are created under the authority of the Michigan Planning Enabling Act of 2008 and are an advisory board to the City Council. At least one board member can be a member of the City Council and one shall be a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals. Vacancies and re-appointment candidates are recommended by the Commission membership to the City Council for approval. (See Gladwin City Code of Ordinances Chapter 152.) 3 yr. term

Planning Commission Minutes


Name Address Home Phone
John Clayton  1656 Timothy St 429-6724
Steve Czape 1060 E Cedar Ave 426-5145
Carol Darlington, Chairperson 157 Clendening 426-6862
Jack Emeott  707 S Silverleaf 805-258-6397
Ed English 304 Ionia 426-1511
Cristy Gutierrez 320 W Grout 426-7158
Chiara King 530 S Antler  
Lori Stout 705 S Arcade 426-4343
Patricia Wendell 603 Kemp Ct 426-8215

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